Commenting guidelines

Ponder’s objective is to help build a deeper understanding of, and think strategically about, important issues.  New insights and constructive comments about our articles help us with that objective, so we enthusiastically welcome them.

Commenting on the Ponder site is a little different to most other sites because comments don’t appear at the bottom of an article, but alongside each paragraph.  This makes it easier to have a discussion about a particular point.

The following rules apply to comments.  Comments that do not abide by these rules will not be posted (or will be removed).

  1. Comments must be made about the argument or point of view, not the person who made them;
  2. Comments must be substantiated (a reason must be given). For example, if you disagree with something in an article, or another comment, your comment should be along the lines of “I disagree with the statement [x] because it doesn’t take into account [y]”.
  3. Comments must be polite.
  4. Comments must be posted in the thread that is relevant to the paragraph they pertain to (each paragraph has dedicated in-line commenting capability).
  5. Where possible, comments that include data or evidence, should be accompanied by the reference to that information.

Ponder will not post, or remove comments that are not in accordance with the above guidelines.

If you see a comment that you believe is inappropriate, or is not in accordance with our commenting guidelines, please contact us.

Republishing Guidelines

You may republish Ponder articles online and in print, free of charge, under the Creative Commons license, with the following conditions:

  1. You must attribute the article to Ponder;
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  4. You must not sell our content;
  5. You must not republish all our articles, unless you have our permission.

You may also link to our article pages.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Privacy Policy

Ponder will, as a result of our newsletter subscription service, collect and use personal information (name and email address) for the purposes of determining particular characteristics of our audience.

We will not disclose personal information to any other party, except in particular circumstances where we may be required by law to do so, or, for public safety reasons.

We will take all reasonable precautions to protect personal information from unauthorised disclosure.

Ponder may, from time to time, revise this privacy policy.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Revisions and corrections

We aim to provide fair, balanced, comprehensive and accurate information to the greatest extent possible.  We will revise and update our articles as new insights become apparent, so that they remain relevant and useful. If you’d like an earlier version of an article, or, if you believe we have an error in an article, please contact us.