“The most valuable people these days are the people who can turn their minds to anything”

Kathryn North AM, Director, Murdoch Children's Research Institute

During a speech Kathryn North gave to a dinner at The Women’s College within The University of Sydney in August, she offered advice to an audience of undergraduate students, based on her career to date.

Included in that advice was ensuring that alongside your discipline expertise, that versatility, flexibility, an ability to be dynamic and keep learning are part of what’s required to be valuable in the workforce these days.

That’s because, increasingly, the challenges we face are ones that we haven’t come across before.  They’re new.  They haven’t been solved before.  We don’t know what to do.  So complex problem solving is such an important skill to have.

Ponder’s 20 Questions provide the prompts for what to think about and the techniques to do that thinking, for any complex issue.  We think they are the most valuable skills you can have and are essential for everyone – from the most junior analyst, to the most senior decision-maker.